What is Plea Bargaining?

What is plea bargaining?

Plea Bargaining is voluntary Process in which the accused confesses to a crime at his own will. This process takes place in front of Magistrate.

Conditions For Plea Bargaining:
1)Plea bargaining can be conducted in one case only. If case is related to more than one person plea bargaining can be conducted more than one time

2)Complainant's (person who has an issue and is making a charge) approval is also important for plea bargaining.

3) According to section 265 A (1) a. If charges are files by police or court and punishment is not life imprisonment or less than 7 years then the accused can apply for plea bargain

4) According to section 265 A (1) b. If accused is charged with life imprisonment or more than 7 years of imprisonment then he cannot apply for plea bargain.

5) According to section 265 B if a person is once granted plea bargain he cannot apply for plea bargain again.

According to section 265 E the punishment is reduced to half or one fourth of sentence. Ple bargain can take place after filing of charges and before judgement of case is declared.

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