QueriesCategory: QuestionsCompany want to cut unnecessary salary and sent notice.
Hemant asked 1 month ago

Request to advice –
(Company is trying to cut female staff salary & sent notice which was printed on company letterhead and no one responded her from company management)
I’m social worker in ngo who is helping to needy people.
Matter –
One of female staff working in jewelry company as online chat support & sales.
Due to covid19, company provide laptop to her work from home. But she got a natural problem in company laptop then company said her” salary will cut according to repair cost, and laptop sent to dell service center (company not sharing dell service number with her), but she was having laptop serial number & finally she called to dell care to know status about laptop – dell says” laptop was having minor problem and it’s already solved over phone support.
Her company is not sharing true details with her about laptop, her company blame ” because of Dog Hair laptop damaged which was really funny to know that because of Hair laptop damaged, however dell care says” laptop can not be damage becaz of hairs.
Her company staff – HR, assistant manager unnecessary started to blame and pressure on her about cut salary becaz of laptop. (Laptop already under warranty & it’s working condition now they are not sharing with her updates).
She send mail to all company management with CC to our Organization as well..
Now HR & Assistant manager added new argument ” why she added CC mail to outside “other organisation”. She was alone and no one ready to support from her company management.
They have type some notice on company letterhead and sent in her mail ID. (Screen shot attached).