Power to Test Accused

Power To Test The Accused

Section 313 describes the following:
(a) When Accused is tested against a sub section he will not take an oath.
(b)If an Accused refuses to give answer or gives false answer he will not be punished for it.
(c)Answers given by Accused can be investigated and if his answers indicate another crime committed by him. It will be used against him in court.

Section 313 is intended to provide accused a chance to explain conditions under which and why he committed the crime.

The questions asked to the accused should be in such a way that even an uneducated person can understand and answer them.

According To Section 313 the examination of accused should be conducted in such a way that it does have any adverse effect on accused. If any mistake is made during the examination of accused the exam will be conducted again in presence of Judge. After the examination of accused is conducted he should sign on all the sheets of the answered questionnaire.

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