Mob Lynching

Mob Lynching

Mob lynching refers to killing someone in order to rise above the law and punish someone. When a crowd of people gather and is bent on taking the law into their own hands and becomes indiscriminate to punish the person guilty of an act, and kills that person, it is called mob lynching.

The history of mob lynching begins in Europe where there are many examples of murders by this type of violence. The term lynching originated during the American Civil War. In America, jobs gave black people equal rights to bad people, and the consequences of the result of the hatred of black people in the minds of white people there. The white people started abusing and abusing the white people and the black people were mass murdered by the white people. The first example of mob lynching in India was seen in the northeastern state in 2014 when a rape accused was beaten to death in a mob of women. In the last few years, the recurrence of this type of incidents in India has started happening in all the states, especially in rural areas, where the incidence of taking over the law by the crowd has increased.

Rumors have been spreading on social media, a big reason for increasing incidents of mob lynchings in India, and a big role in this is the social media named WhatsApp and Facebook. People of our India, especially those living in rural areas, are very straightforward and naive spears and believe this rumor to be done on social media very quickly without knowing its veracity. They get excited very quickly and without thinking, unfortunately, they go crazy and commit a serious crime like murder. People spreading such rumors are mostly religious, sorority, sorority or child theft. Some time ago, some people in Maharashtra's Dhulia district, which is a Scheduled Tribe district, spread a rumor of this way that some people Disguised children are roaming around stealing, and this news spread very fast on WhatsApp and people beaten and murdered 3 innocent sadhus. A similar incident happened with a software engineer in the state of Tamil Nadu, who considered him a child thief and beat him to death. It is a misfortune of our country that the information revolution should have been used for works like education, trade, simplifying government functions, awakening people to their rights, but misusing them instead of such false rumors. Is going to spread. The number of mobile holders in India has increased very fast in the last few years and almost 60 percent of the country's population has smartphones in their hands. These smartphones have social media applications like this, such as Facebook WhatsApp Instagram, etc., and almost all smartphones use the stream and because of these social media applications, it has failed faster than lightning speed, people Without knowing the veracity of that rumor, people are first forwarded in the race to forward people, and as a result Becomes negative environment

In order to prevent such incidents in the present time, through a PIL, the Honorable Supreme Court was requested to direct the Government to take drastic steps in this direction, considering that the Honorable Supreme Court directed the Government While doing so, he directed the government to make laws and cautioned the government to take appropriate steps to prevent such incidents. Taking some drastic steps in the direction of the government, social media like Facebook and WhatsApp were asked to strengthen their monitoring mechanism and directed them that social media should take effective steps by spreading rumors of this method. Taking a step in the WhatsApp direction, prohibited forwarding any message to more than 5 people at a time. Facebook has also stopped publishing objectionable content of this way which creates an atmosphere of disharmony in the society, and the social media accounts of those who spread rumors of this manner have been closed and some fine action will be taken on them. What message is given It is not possible to prevent incidents like mob lynching by just making laws. To prevent such incidents, people in the society also need to be aware. People need to stop paying attention to such false rumors and use their discretion to ignore such rumors and do a thorough investigation of its truth before forwarding any message and if so People feel that these incidents are just to spread rumors and to spoil the atmosphere of the society, then those people themselves can come forward and spread the rumors of this way. Police and administration will have to inform the people. All the people in the society have to make united efforts to stop the spread of this kind of rumor, only then we will be able to free the society from this primitive barbaric practice.

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