QueriesHi, I am a Hindu. Myself and my husband are seeking for divorce which was initiated by him. But my son who will be 5 yrs old by this october is with them. They have mentioned in their counter petition that they are willing to let me visit my child but will not give custody to me. My clarification is that, can I deny my visitation rights now completely and file a case for custody after 2 1-2 yrs? Will the family court consider this.I am planning this way, bcoz I want to take custody of him when I get settlement from him.Only if he makes settlement, I will sign the paper.
OqgmAYEHfn Staff asked 2 months ago

What is this 2 1-2 years denoting?You can very well reuse their offer for visitation rights and can file a child custody case even now.If the child is in their custody you can file an application for visitation rights as an interim relief till the disposal of the main petition for custody.Also what is this settlement you are talking about?Is it a settlement to you on divorce or to the child?Your incomplete details cannot fetch you a proper opinion and correct suggestions.You may revert with details.