Curative petition

In the case of Pa Ashok Hara Vashish Ashok Hari, the Bench of 5 Judges of the Supreme Court stipulated that its final decision under Article 32 cannot be ruled out as a fare or visit. Prevention of serious chapters can be reviewed. This new rule has been named the Supreme Court, not remedial or Chaka. Till now, if the Supreme Court had given the final judgment under section 32 and had also ruled his or her food under section 137, he could not be allowed to be detained now in such cases. Chaka can award the highest court. This decision of the Supreme Court is an important moment because in this serious chapter, a new way of deciding the actual day has been set for the victims. 

It was not raised in the number of files or checks filed in the Supreme Court that even after the last death of the court, the decision of the court under arbitration can be voted for the four. 

The Supreme Court has now determined that the final decision of the Supreme Court can be given by means of remedial or discriminatory treatment. Madhyamithi Bhai ji has expressed this fact – we are of the opinion that the judges of the Supreme Court are subject to the letter receipt of the people of Manavalabhbhumari also working in such a situation. generated may not be giving Vral Number Vrltm casesin a final Nn ofserious chaptermay be a l a t a up security cases are liability and to court said not this method and make the court as the ace  of She should be able to maintain the goodness of the person who is in this decision, otherwise she will be covered in the cloud of uncertainty. 

In the case of filing such a petition, certain court directions are issued for which an ace or check can be filed under the receipt which cannot be used. These conditions are not specific –

  1.  Whether or not the practitioner has to show in his / her examination that the condition of the nurse was actually violated, which caused him / her to suffer. 
  2. Such remedial paper shall be first sent to the bench of three senior judges and, if deemed necessary, this remedial document shall be sent back to the same bench for review in the judgment. 
  3. The Court shall administer the treatment or examination when it is certified by a senior practitioner that such examination has taken place at Apaya. 
  4. If the court is determined that such a visit is not based on viability, it may not impose an exemplary deposit on the matter or on the discretion. 

This direction has been issued by the Supreme Court That the remedial work or check that has been destroyed by the Supreme Court should not be used and the deposit is not put up by the court so that the misuse of the claim is done. This decision of the Supreme Court can in fact be meticulous and will provide a milestone for the judges to be given and the people will have more faith in the judiciary. 

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