Claiming Insurance Of Stolen Vehicle

What is plea bargaining?

Before claiming the insurance of vehicle the following necessary steps are to be performed.

Inform Police as soon as possible:
As soon as you came to know that your vehicle is stolen you should inform police as son as possible. Police can be informed in two ways:
1) Dialing 100.
2) Visiting a police station and filing a complain

Suppose your vehicle was stolen at 7pm in evening and instead of complaining you start searching for your vehicle. You file complain other day in evening. During this time any crime is committed using your vehicle. You will taken into custody by police.

File a complain acording to IPC 379:
FIR can be registered in two ways. Either by visiting official police website or by visiting a police station.

Claiming Insurance of stolen vehicle:
You have to call, customer care number of insurance company. After making the call you should note the claim number. According to the rules you have to claim insurance within one week and documents related to stolen vehicle must be submitted. Nowadays, This work is done by insurance agent. Date of submission of documents varies from state to state.

Documents to Be submitted for claiming insurance:
1) ID Proof of owner of vehicle
2) Original or photocopy of RC of vehicle.
3) Photo of owner of vehicle.
4) Keys of vehicle. If one key is missing it should be reported to Police.
5) Copy Of F.I.R

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