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Semester 1 Of LLB consist of following Subjects: Company Law, Constitution Law Of India, General Legal Englisb, Enviromental Law Of India, Human Rights And Public International Law, Family Law 1, Law Of Contract, Jurisprudence, Torts Consumer Protection laws And Motor Vehicle Act 1998-2018.
Theory Paper of each subject is of 80 marks.

Syllabus Of Constutional Law Of India

  1. Historical Background; Nature of constitution, features of constitution.
  2. Formation, State (Art. 2, 3, 4), Citizenship (Art. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 of Citizenship Act)
  3. State (Art. 12), Pre-constitutional & Post Constitutional operation (Art. 13) Right to Equality (Art. 14 to Art. 18)
  4. Right to Freedom (Art. 19-22)
  5. Right against Exploitation (Art. 23-24), Right to Freedom of Religion (Art. 2528), Cultural & Minorities Rights (Art. 29-30)
  6. Overriding effect of Directive Principles on FRS (Art. 31, 31A, 31B, 31C), Constitutional Remedies (Act. 32) Judicial Review, Judicial Activism.
  7. Directive Principles of State Policy ; Relation between D.P.S.P & F.Rts, Difference between DPSP & F.Rts,
  8. Enforceability of DPSP through Judiciary, Conversion of DPSP to F.Rts. (Environment, Education & Forest), Fundament Duties enforceability

Syllabus Of Law Of Contract

  1. Fundamental basis of the Law of Contract
  2. Formation of Contract and the Fundamental rules relating to the agreement with special reference to Indian and English Law, (Sec. 2 to Sec.9 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872)
  3. Essential conditions of a contract with special reference to Indian and English Law , (Including chapters on minor, consideration free consent and vitating factors; void, Illegal agreement, voidable contract etc., with detailed studies on general and specific rules thereof : (Sec. 10 to Sec.30).
  4. Contingent Contract (Sec. 31- Sec. 36)
  5. Discharge of Contract (Sec.37 to Sec. 75). The chapter includes rules of performance, quasi contracts, doctrine of frustration, breach of contract and remedies thereof, etc.

Syllabus Of Jurisprudence

  1. Definition, meaning, nature, classification, and value of Jurisprudence, Meaning of law, Relationship between law and Morality
  2. Legal theories – Analytical Theory, American Realism, Natural Law theories, Pure theory of Law, Sociological theories, Historical School
  3. Sources of Law – Legislation, Precedents and Custom
  4. Administration of Justice- Meaning and various theories of punishment
  5. Legal Right : Meaning, basis and elements of Legal Right, Relation between rights and duties, Kinds of Legal rights.
  6. Ownership : Meaning and characteristics of ownership, Kinds of ownership
  7. Possession : Meaning, elements of possession, Kinds of Possession, Distinctions between ownership and Possession.
  8. Personality : Meaning, Natural Person and Artificial Person, Legal Status of Animals, dead persons and unborn Persons, Theories of Corporate personality.

Syllabus Of Family Law I

GROUP - A : 20 Marks (Textual Hindu Law)
  1. Sources of Hindu Law
  2. Hindu Joint Family System and Copercenary
  3. General Principles of succession under the Dayabhaga and the Mitakshara systems
  4. Women’s property and stridhan
  5. Distinction between Dayabhaga and the Mitakshara systems and effect of modern statutes

GROUP - B : 60 Marks (Statutory Hindu Law)
  1. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  2. Hindu Succession Act, 1956
  3. Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956
  4. Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
  5. Special Marriage Act, 1954

Syllabus Of Torts Consumer Protection Laws And Motor Vehicle Act 1988-2018

GROUP - A : 60 Marks (Law of Torts)
  1. Nature and Principles of Tort : Historical development of Laws of Torts and applicability in India. Basic foundation of Law of Torts, Meaning, Ingredients, Relevancy of Mens Rea & Malice, , Felonious & Foreign Tort, Constituents of Tortuous liability.
  2. Immunity from tortuous liability – Husband and wife relationship, married women and Act of State.
  3. Justification – Inevitable accident, Act of God, Statutory Authority, Volenti-non fit injuria.
  4. Vicarious liability – By relation and ratification – Doctrine of Course of employment, Common employment, Independent Contractor.
  5. Remedies & Damages : Judicial & Extra-judicial remedies Direct & consequential Cause, Remoteness test
  6. Special Torts :
    • As to person – Assault, Battery, Mayhem & False imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, Defamation
    • As to Property: Trespass, Trespass ab-initio.
  7. Nuisance and Negligence

GROUP - B : 20 Marks
Consumer Protection Laws:
  1. The Consumer Protection Act 1986 (Sections-2,9-27.)

  2. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 :
    1. Preliminary – Sec. 1 and 2.
    2. Registration of Motor Vehicles – Sec.39, 43, 50 and 55.
    3. Claims Tribunals – Sec.165, 173 and 175.
    4. Offences, Penalties and Procedure – Sec.177, 180, 183, 184, 185, 195, 196 and 208

General Legal English

Enviromental Law Of India




Constitution Law Of India



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